Protecting your IP – top tips for an effective strategy

Whilst most businesses are becoming increasingly IP savvy, ensuring that this knowledge is adopted into a workable framework and effective IP strategy is vital to capitalise on its market potential.

Here we give some top tips for any business to consider when developing an IP strategy: (more…)

NICs contributions to be slashed for some SMEs

More good news has been announced for SMEs. From 6 April 2014, employers are able to claim up to £2,000 a year against the employer Class 1 NICS contributions they pay under a new scheme called the “Employment Allowance”.
The government estimates that up to 450,000 SMEs will have their Class 1 NICs bill reduced to zero as a result, with approximately 1.25 million SMEs benefitting in total. The aim of the scheme is for SMEs to use the savings to take on more employees. Signing up to the scheme has been made purposefully simple to encourage participation and continues unless HMRC is notified of a change in circumstances.
The Allowance applies to businesses and charities which pay Class 1 NICs on their employees’ and directors’ earnings. The allowance is set off against an employer’s Class 1 NICs liability as it arises. So, for example, if the Class 1 NICs liability for a particular employer is £700 a month, the employer can claim £700 in the first and second months and £600 in month three. The rest of the employer’s Class 1 NICs liability for that tax year  (including the shortfall in month three)  will be due to HMRC.
There are some excluded businesses, including those employing domestic staff, public authorities and those carrying out work of a public nature. For group companies and charities, only one member can claim and claims can also only be made through one PAYE scheme, even if the business runs more than one.
The impact of the scheme remains to be seen, but it will clearly represent a significant tax saving for some businesses.

How to pick the right premises for your business

The UK economy is recovering. Consumer spending is increasing, the housing market is rising, trade is gaining momentum and more companies are gaining access to finance. All indications point to a growth in productivity, expanding businesses and job creation. If you are a business and you want to expand, what should be at the top of your to-do list? You will almost certainly need commercial property and the property you choose will be central to the success of your growing business.

Read our top five tips to ensure your choice of business premises is the right one. (more…)

How £250 could be protecting your company from the problem ex-employee

All businesses have to face the burden of dealing with the mountain of employment legislation but perhaps the most frustrating experience is receiving a Tribunal claim from an ex-employee who is just trying their luck at extracting some money from their employer. Tribunal claims can be demanding to defend, both in terms of management time and costs, even if they have no merit. (more…)

Gatwick’s second runway – SMEs have your say!

The ongoing debate about how London accommodates a new runway to solve its (alleged) airport capacity crisis continues to gather momentum, following the various proposals for expansion announced back in July 2013.

In its Interim Report published in December 2013 the Airports Commission included Gatwick in its shortlist of potential locations and, if given the green light, will have a profound impact on the wider regional economy.

As part of the debate, the Gatwick Diamond Initiative will be launching a six week public consultation on all three of the Gatwick runway options. (more…)

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