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DMH Stallard and Cloud Industry Forum raises fears of online cloud hijack


This story first featured on BusinessCloud9, PublicTechnology, Lawyer Monthly, Comms Dealer and TheDataChain.

The Cloud Industry Forum is calling for greater education and promotion about the global Top Level Domains (gTLD) registry consultation process.

The CIF wants the governing body for this activity, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), to ensure it’s taken appropriate actions to ensure that the consequences of the process are understood and feedback is sought.

ICANN opened up applications for new global TLDs last year – it included general phrases like .CLOUD, .APP and .SEARCH.

However, applications have been made by some large organisations to register these TLDs for what is referred to as a ‘closed registry’.

This means only the owner of the TLD decides who can have a second level domain. As Andy Burton, chairman of the Cloud industry Forum (CIF) stated:

“If one commercial organisation ultimately wins control over the .CLOUD registry in a closed form, then no individuals, organisations or businesses will be able to register and use a second level .CLOUD name for their website without that owners permission.”

The move has caused concern because of implications over an open market – the CIF has said that no single commercial entity should be able to claim the phrase Cloud and dominate the use of it as a TLD.

Frank Jennings, cloud lawyer at DMH Stallard and chair of the Cloud Industry Forum Code of Practice Board added:

“Allowing one commercial organisation to turn a generic term, cloud, into a closed domain registration scheme is likely to be anti-competitive. A scheme which excludes the wider cloud sector in favour of one organisation may even be contrary to ICANN’s own Affirmation of Commitments to “promote competition, consumer trust, and consumer choice”. A new .CLOUD domain should be managed by a not-for-profit registrar, allowing all those who operate in the cloud sector to apply to register.”

Contact Frank Jennings, Head of Commercial, for more information by emailing frank.jennings@dmhstallard.com or by calling 01293 605018.

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