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Re-aligning the operational side of your business and responding to the changing demands of your customer

Following my previous article on how manufacturers exposed to the public sector have coped with Government austerity programmes, I had the pleasure of visiting Eschmann recently. Eschmann is a South-East based company that specialises in the design and manufacture of operating theatre equipment, dental decontamination devices and consumables.

As an award winning British manufacturer, based in Lancing on the West Sussex coast, Eschmann has played a significant part over the past four years in the rebuilding of the Iraqi healthcare infrastructure. However, securing successful contracts of this nature is not unusual for this global performer. With over 180 year’s experience, this no doubt becomes one of the primary reasons for explaining why the company continues to flourish in tough economic climates.

Performing well over the past five years has meant the company has had to look closely at its processes. Eschmann has taken a dynamic approach to the operational aspects of its business, whilst simultaneously adapting to changes driven by various healthcare sector procurement agencies, which are under pressure to deliver greater value for money from depressed or even dwindling budgets.

As tax payers we should all be pleased that public sector spend is being effectively managed. But, as a nation we need to be mindful that such a strategy does not prevent our own home grown businesses from making investment in innovation and manufacturing that is vital to allow British companies to continue to compete effectively, both at home and abroad.

To survive and indeed prosper in today’s healthcare sector, especially in the face of a disorganised domestic procurement process – many NHS trusts are faced with a situation that at best remains fragmented. In response to this, Eschmann have focussed on realigning how it operates in order to continue to deliver on its core values and meet the demanding needs of its healthcare customer.

The focus that Eschmann, with over 200 employees, has placed on the design and development of healthcare solutions has resulted in a new product development programme that will allow it to compete even more successfully. This will allow them to compete not only within its existing markets, but also expand significantly into new global markets who seek high quality, technologically rich products yet have a strong eye on achieving real value for money, Iraq being a distinct case in point.

By David Seall

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  1. huwmorris2013 says:

    David. Greatings from the Gulf!

    An encouraging example to close the year. I noted in particular your use of the word dynamic. My sense is that 2014 will require ever more agility and I hope that enterprises like Eschmann will thoughtfully enhance their agility without adding too much to their cost base.


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